Tips and Ways to Make Children Smart Early on

Which parent doesn't want his baby to grow up to be a smart and smart kid? But many of them have wrong thoughts about intelligence. Although it has to do with genetic or hereditary factors, a person's intelligence can also be stimulated and developed early on. This has also been proven by various studies conducted by experts in their fields from a number of countries. So how do you do it? Is it a stimulus supplement for brain stimulants or what? Here we review tips for smart children that you can apply to your beloved baby.
Tips For Early Childhood Smart
Besides being influenced by hereditary factors, a child's intelligence is also influenced by several factors including nutrition, stimulation and environmental factors where he was raised. All three are very important factors and cannot be separated from each other, if one of them is not fulfilled then the development of children's intelligence cannot be optimal.
1. Fulfillment of Nutrition
When we talk about brain intelligence, surely it cannot be separated from the quality and development of the brain. To optimize the ability of children, adequate nutrition is needed. You do not need to force yourself to give various vitamins or brain stimulant supplements. All you need to do is to consume nutritious foods since they are still pregnant, especially foods that are high in iron and omega 3 which are very good for encouraging increased children's concentration and intelligence abilities. After your child is born, as advised by the doctor immediately give breast milk, although it looks trivial, but this activity is very effective to help the development of the heart's brain and baby's nervous system, where in this breast milk there is Colostrum produced at the end of the mother's pregnancy. Breastfeeding is recommended for 2 years. And after the baby enters the age of 6 months, you can fulfill his nutritional intake with complementary foods that have balanced nutrition.
2. Provide the Right Stimulation
In addition to nutritional factors, the work of the brain can also be improved by providing appropriate stimuli. During pregnancy, parents are encouraged to provide stimulation in the form of soft sounds or classical music. This is certainly not without reason, because the sound of this music can improve children's intelligence abilities. Even this has been proven in research conducted at the University of Toronto. In addition to stimulating music, you can also provide stimulation by playing and increasing your child's curiosity. The right game besides being able to train children to think can also increase children's creativity, inspiration and social enthusiasm.

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