Benefits of Salam Leaves To Reduce High Cholesterol

Wrong leaves are certainly familiar to some people, housewives used to use this type of leaf as a flavoring in cooking. But did you know if the wrong leaves have extraordinary properties for health, one of which is the efficacy of bay leaves for cholesterol. Bay leaves contain vitamins and minerals that are very good for health, so the leaves are often used as traditional medicine to prevent and cure various diseases.
Benefits of Salam Leaves for Cholesterol
Cholesterol is often regarded as a threat that is quite dangerous to survival, because it can cause various health problems if the levels in the body are too high. Various methods are used by the community to reduce cholesterol levels and keep it stable. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sufferers also consume various kinds of drugs to accelerate the reduction of cholesterol. One of them is by consuming bay leaf boiled water. Besides efficacious to reduce cholesterol levels, bay leaves are also proven to reduce high blood pressure caused by cholesterol.
To get the efficacy of bay leaves for cholesterol is very easy way, namely by boiling 600 cc of water with 7 bay leaves, boil ramuah until the remaining 300 cc. strain the stew and can be consumed twice a day regularly. Efficacy of bay leaves to reduce cholesterol can also be mixed with bitter leaves or ceremai leaves to make it more efficacious. If the level of bad cholesterol in the blood decreases directly blood pressure also decreases accompanied by increased production of HDL by the body.
In addition to using traditional herbal remedies, you can also consume some fruits that are proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels which include avocados and star fruit. But for those of you who want to be practical, you can take JAMKHO traditional medicine to reduce cholesterol. Thus some of the properties of bay leaves for cholesterol that are safe and natural, hopefully it can be useful for you ..
Description: The efficacy of bay leaves for cholesterol can be felt by everyone by consuming bay leaf cooking water regularly.

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