Professional teachers

Some people argue that teaching is the process of delivering or transferring knowledge from an educator to learners. But this opinion seems to be far left, because it is not in accordance with the development of the era. Now we must teach teaching as a complex activity, namely the use of integrative a number of skills to deliver knowledge. The integration of the skills mentioned here must be based on a set of theories and directed by a knowledge / insight. While pengearapannya will be unique when influenced by all components of teaching and learning. Components in question is the goal to be achieved, the science to be conveyed, sekubjek students, facilities and learning environment, and no less important is the teacher skills, habits and insights about the world of education and mission as educators.

If teaching is understood as an activity of transferring knowledge to students, then teaching itself will only be limited to the delivery of that knowledge alone. The teacher on the first hand conferred knowledge and the students on the second side would receive passively. The process can be known, learning will run boring. Because the dominant learning is the teacher, while the students only as a recipient.

However, if teaching is interpreted as any deliberate effort to create a learning process in students and achieve the goals that have been formulated, it is clear that the ultimate goal of the teaching process is students learn. This means that in any case any effort can be done while accountable, and can deliver students to the achievement of learning objectives that have been declared, meaning that students learn actively, and who dominate the class are students.

In conclusion, the essence of lining up is the effort of teachers to create and design the learning process in students. So the most important thing in teaching and learning is not the material presented by the teacher, but the process of students in learning the material (teachers appreciate the process rather than the results). Once again a prominent role in teaching learning is in the students, this does not mean that the teacher's role is left out, only modified.

Thus, a professional teacher is a teacher who can perform his teaching tasks well through special skills to create an active, innovative, creative, effective, and enjoyable learning.

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