Islamic Baby Girl Jumper

Babies are an invaluable gift for married couples. Therefore surely every parent wants all the best for a newborn baby, one of which is a matter of appearance. Everything from head to toe is very important for the baby to look trandy and funny. But do you pay attention to the safety and comfort of your baby? especially baby's skin is more sensitive. To provide baby comfort, Nuqtoh as one of the children's clothing brands with Islamic characters presents a variety of baby clothes made from high quality materials with exclusive designs, one of which is a baby girl jumper. What's the latest product from Nuqtoh ??
The advantages of baby girl jumpers
Jumper baby girl is a choice of clothing that will be very comfortable to wear by the baby, in addition to protecting the child's delicate skin, the jumper can also function as a pempers so that it does not easily shift because of the hook on the bottom of the jumper. Maybe on the outside many who offer a variety of models of the windshield with varied motives. But have you found a jumper for a girl with Islamic nuance? For those of you who are interested in giving the appearance of a baby with a more Islamic design and model, Nuqtoh baby girl jumpers can be the right choice. In addition to the exclusive Islamic model, cute and will make your baby look more adorable, products from Nuqtoh are also guaranteed in terms of quality.
baby girl jumpers are manufactured with 100% cotton combed raw material that is soft and smooth, and very comfortable and does not make your child feel hot. This jumper design is also drawn using premium quality screen printing paint whose material is safe for the beloved baby so it does not cause allergies or irritation to the skin of your baby. In addition to the level of safety and comfort when worn, this jumper is also easier to wash and not easily stretched, making it more durable even though it is often used.
Benefits of baby girl jumpers
Sometimes parents do not pay attention to the jumper chosen for either male or female, because the model is indeed similar and not much different between baby girl jumpers and jumpers intended for women, the only difference being the color selection. Even though it is considered normal, it is actually not quite right. baby jumpers intended for baby girls are presented with a more closed design, to further highlight the Islamic side. The use of this jumper has quite good benefits for your baby girl, which among others is to provide extra warmth and protection for baby's skin because of its more closed design, in addition because it was designed by a professional designer this jumper is able to give a funny and Islamic appearance to your baby .
With this good quality, of course anyone would think the price of this jumper is quite expensive, but this is not true, because this baby girl jumper is only valued around Rp. 60 thousands for each piece. And more purchases will be given a discounted price. cheap enough right?
For those of you who want to buy this baby girl jumper the way is very easy, you can order it directly at the address These are some of the choices of Islamic jumpers that you can choose for your beloved baby girl, hopefully they can be useful and inspire you.
Description: Baby girl jumpers can be a choice for those of you who want to give comfort to your beloved baby.

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