Any food that causes high cholesterol

High cholesterol is known to cause various diseases, although in fact the human body really needs cholesterol for the formation of vitamins, hormones, and energy sources. It's just that cholesterol needed by the body has levels, which is around 200 mg / dl. High cholesterol is a condition where LDL levels in the blood are high and cannot be neutralized by HDL, this condition is generally influenced by one's lifestyle, especially related to diet. There are many foods that cause cholesterol, which if not balanced with regular exercise will cause excess fat deposits.
Foods That Cause High Cholesterol
Foods that cause cholesterol are taboo that must be obeyed by cholesterol sufferers. This is because bad cholesterol is found in many foods, especially foods high in fat, fried foods and foods with high protein. Some foods that are high in cholesterol include poultry meat which has deep fat, especially beef and beef, meat, processed foods such as sausages, corned beef and other processed meat, this is because processed foods contain a lot of fat included in the processing process. Eels, seafood and various innards are also the cause of high cholesterol. In addition there are still many processed foods that are high in cholesterol such as processed cakes containing eggs, butter and milk, coconut milk and coconut oil, as well as processed foods that contain lots of sugar.
Drinks Cause High Cholesterol
In addition to foods that cause cholesterol, there are several types of drinks that also cause cholesterol, which include milk and coffee. This is because milk contains a lot of fat and cream which can dramatically increase blood cholesterol levels. Likewise with coffee that can improve heart work.
To balance high cholesterol levels due to foods that cause cholesterol, it would be nice if you also consume cholesterol-lowering foods, such as high-fiber foods, fruits, vegetables and multiply the consumption of water and exercise regularly. You can also try JAMKHO traditional medicine to reduce cholesterol levels.
Description: Foods that cause cholesterol that must be avoided by people with high cholesterol, including foods and drinks high in fat and cholesterol.

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