A collection of funny birthday greetings

Birthdays are moments that only occur once a year. what did you do on your friend's birthday ?? giving a surprise party? ask for a treat or hang out with your group friends ?? but behind all of that there is certainly a tradition that can not be eliminated, namely giving a birthday wish. and for young people, of course they feel that they are too happy to say happy birthday with formal language, don't they? For this reason, we will give a little review that contains a collection of funny birthday wishes for friends and best friends who have birthdays.
Why Give Funny Birthday Greetings?
The young people prefer to give birthday greetings that seem unique and funny so that they don't look too boring, other than to entertain friends who are having a birthday. Yes, giving a funny greeting can indeed create a relaxed and more cheerful atmosphere without losing the purpose of the speech. For this reason, we provide some recommendations from a collection of funny birthday wishes for your reference. But are the values ​​contained in this birthday greeting different ??
Whether or not the meaning contained in a birthday wish depends on the intention, content and how it is interpreted. Instead of giving attention, this funny birthday greeting is indeed intended more for entertainment purposes only. However this does not mean these words are meaningless. To see what a collection of funny birthday wishes we have summarized, consider the following review.
Watch puppets while eating papaya. Honey, it's a birthday. What do you have to buy honey for, Malang, always success and love me more ...

Eating bread by the road, while getting acquainted with the ayu
I can't give you a special gift, friend, just saying happy birthday to you ...
How come there is the smell of PIZZA and fried chicken today? Oh yeah, I remember, later night, there's a birthday treat that is reading this text. (ngarep edition) hehehe.
I want to be a postman so I can send anniversary wishes to you.
I want to be an astronaut so I can bring a moon gift for you.
And I want to be a beggar so I can ask for your treat.
Why does your birthday keep the same date every year? Isn't it bored? Hehe ... Yeah, it's done again, friend ...
Ciee has a birthday. But didn't you change it again? How come again? Hehe .. HBD WYATB wae lah.
Happy birthday, friend. Good luck to me, and don't forget if it's already rich, 90% for me .. hehe ..
Don't get old, get older, the birthday is a birthday ...
Happy Birthday. Hopefully longevity and added heart to treat me to eating. Hehehe
What is a bench made of? made of wood
Don't forget to tell you, Happy Birthday to you ...
A variety of birthday wishes above can you make as a birthday wish for a friend or your best birthday friend. but don't forget to include your hopes and prayers for the future of your loved ones. Thus the information is related to a collection of funny birthday greetings. I hope the information we have conveyed can be useful and inspiring in creating a different atmosphere for your friend's birthday.
Description: A collection of funny birthday greetings is more used to build a more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

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