Price of Xiaomi Mi 4c Mobile Ram 2GB December

Price of Xiaomi Mi 4c Ram 2GB - Xiomi vendor has demonstrated its position in the Indonesian smartphone market. Its presence is always awaited by fans of smartphones from China. And like the previous Xiomi series Xiaomi Mi 4c Ram 2GB even sold well in the market today. This Xiomi series is the latest variant with specifications that are certainly better than the previous generation Xiomi Mi4i.
Enhanced Xiaomi Mi 4c 2GB Ram Specifications
There have been several improvements in the performance of the previous generation 2GB Xiaomi Mi 4c Ram, which includes the use of Snapdragon 808 as a processor with Andreno 418 GPU, making the Xiaomi Mi 4c's performance superior, especially this smartphone that has Android Lollipop for its operating system, no less than a middle-class smartphone in general. In addition to being superior in terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi 4c is quite attractive in terms of appearance, although it tends to be the same as the previous generation, but its compact and elegant design still has appeal, especially with the newest Geberasi equipped with Sunlight display technology that keeps the screen bright even though exposed sunlight.
And what makes Xiaomi Mi 4c Ram 2GB even more superior is the use of the latest version of the interface namely MIUI 7 which has been claimed to be much better when compared to previous versions of MIUI. Besides the most important, this smartphone is also equipped with a pretty good camera, with a 5 Megapixel resolution front camera and a 13 Megapixel main camera with HDR feature that makes the image quality pretty good. No wonder the price of this 2GB Xiaomi Mi 4c Ram is higher than the previous generation's Xiomi price.
Price Range of Xiaomi Mi 4c HP 2GB Ram
Xiaomi Mi 4c 2GB Ram is presented with 32GB of internal memory, so the price is even higher, which is between Rp. 2.8 million. But with pretty good specifications the price of the Xiaomi Mi 4c 2GB Ram is certainly quite affordable.
Description: The price of the 2GB Xiaomi Mi 4c Ram is priced quite cheaply, with some improvements in terms of specifications that are quite superior in its class.

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