How to plant a good and correct pineapple part 2

Weeding is done to anticipate weeds that can trigger the onset of pests and diseases. This weeding can be done routinely adjusting the level of growth of weeds around the plant.
 Bloat
Soil clumping and grounding are carried out with the aim of repairing and maintaining the soil structure and keeping the plant firm and not out of the surface of the soil. This process can be done by mixing the soil around the dam and accumulating it at the base of the pineapple stem to form a dam.
 Fertilization
Fertilization in pineapple cultivation can be done twice, namely at the age of planting reaches 2-3 months and continues with a period of 3-4 months until the plants flower and bear fruit. Fertilizers used are fertilizers which contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and micro nutrients for that you can use Urea fertilizer 100 kg, SP-36 150 kg and KCI 100 kg fertilizer for each hectare of planting land. After mixing, then the fertilizer can be done by immersing fertilizer into the trench or by spraying liquid fertilizer on the leaves of the plant.
 Pest and disease control
Given the very complex problem of pests and diseases in pineapple plants, it must be followed by sufficient knowledge on how to control pests and diseases that are good and safe. To control various types of pests and diseases you can spray insecticides on plants, and soak the base of the seedlings in a functionide solution before planting to prevent root decay.
• Harvesting
Pineapple cultivation carried out by vegetative methods will be faster than generative cultivation methods. Plants originating from stem buds can be harvested at the age of 18 since the planting period, while for plants that are developed with root shoot seedlings can begin to be harvested at the age of 12 months from the time of planting. This is different from the process of planting pineapple which is done in a generative way which can only be planted at the age of 2 years since the planting period.
The harvesting process must be done in the right way by cutting the stalk with a sharp and sterile knife, in addition to maintaining the condition of the fruit so that it is not damaged, the harvesting process must also be carried out carefully. The harvesting period is carried out three times, namely 25% in the first period, 50% in the second period and 25% in the third period.
That's the way you can do to plant pineapple properly and correctly. The results of pineapple cultivation will be optimal if done and cared for properly, hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful.
Description: How to plant pineapples that are good and true you can do according to the stages and recommended planting guidelines to get maximum results.

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